Communications at the heart of everything we do

According to the International Telecommunications Union projections, 2013 should see close to 7 billion of mobile subscribers, a staggering number with well over 90% penetration rate in most countries. A direct consequence of this phenomenon is that criminals of all kinds, terrorists, extremists, fugitives and sometimes even prisoners use mobile phones just like normal law-abiding citizens. Because phones are intimately part of our everyday lives, phone data analysis has become a critical source information pretty much in any inquiry for evidential or intelligence purposes.  Yet, in many countries, government security agencies still struggle to take complete and rapid advantage of all the information contained in communication traces.

With years of expertise in this field, Ockham Solutions has put together an end-to-end specialised set of solutions dedicated to phone data analysis. These solutions are aimed to be used strictly by governement agencies in the context of their missions.