Mercure Advanced User Training

Advanced user
Training code
3 days
Teaching content
Theory & Hands-on labs
Training type
Public or Private on-site
Max participants
10 per session

This advanced training course is specifically designed for practitionners who have already followed the intial Standard User Training course and have used Mercure for some time. It is focused on the use advanced functionality and investigation techniques through theory, hands-on manipulations and a series of practical cases.To access the list of scheduled classes in your geography, please contact us.

The different topics covered

  • Introduction & concepts
  • Going further with data importing
  • Going further with data management & organisation
  • Going further with reading and interpreting data
  • The analysis modes : tables, graphs, timelines and maps
  • How to use events in Mercure
  • Methodology : working with Cell-site dumps
  • Methodology : working with itemized billings
  • Methodology : working with lists
  • Specific questions & answers